Nature created splendid gems, each telling its own and unique story. Every stone has this something special that brings us emotion. That is why Masters of Creation makes a point of respecting stones and refuses to work on gems that would need to be over transformed. This incredible and natural raw material is at the center of our vision of Jewellery, inspiring our creators from a feeling expressed by a stone to a unique piece.

The spirit of High Jewellery has always been to use metal bases to sublimate stones. This principle guides Masters of Creation in every piece through the choice of exceptional stones and of a metal that will serve them. To create art, it is essential to respect the pure beauty of things.


Masters of Creation unites a network of suppliers, expert in their domain, and four creators. All work together to deliver the best of Jewellery and Watches : exclusive pieces of Art. Creators find in Masters of Creation a space to share, challenge, unite and exchange. A brand-new dynamic for the industry !

The creators are three jewellers and one watchmaker. They are independent, each having a unique universe, all creating fine and exclusive pieces. Discover these four craftsmen !